8 Most Common Mistakes Lipstick Users Make

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8 Most Common Mistakes Lipstick Users Make

5. Overlining
Girls may sometimes think that using a lip liner is not a must. Of course, this lip product can be skipped. But what if this is the main reason why your lipstick won’t look as good as you wish? There is another type of women who tend to overline their lips. We understand that fuller lips look sexier and more appealing, but if you overline your lips, you may look ridiculous. There are numerous tips and hints that can help you visually enlarge your narrow lips. The main point is to do it wisely and control how contrasting the line is. Use some concealer and blur the edges. Afterwards, use lip liner that is close to the shade of your natural lips. Practice a bit and find your best trick.

8 Most Common Mistakes Lipstick Users Makе Overlining

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