The Most Memorable Moments of Oscars 2015

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The Most Memorable Moments of Oscars 2015

Why do the Oscars last over 300 hours? That’s simply because there are tens of categories and even more nominees to please.

During the ceremony we see and hear the stars congratulate and greet each other. No doubt every single Oscar ever held was thoroughly organized. Unfortunately, not goes well to some of the participants and they make awkward mistakes from time to time. The beautiful moments of the great show are also always noticed and discussed later on. Here are some of the curious moments that you might have missed this year:

Awkward and weird John Travolta
Superstars should always watch themselves. Otherwise all the weird and awkward things they do and say will always be noticed by the viewers. What is the touching of Scarlett Johansson and Idina Menzel all about? Looks weird. It must have felt even freakier to the ladies!

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