8 Most Affordable Foods with Great Health Benefits

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8 Most Affordable Foods with Great Health Benefits

Eat the right selection of foods every day and feel better than ever before! Get rid of salty, sugary and fatty foods and stuff your pantry and freezer with something that will make you healthier.

1. Vegetables: fresh mixed greens, carrots, cabbage, cucumbers

There is a good reason why you should try and buy mixed greens. You might think that a pound of fresh mixed greens is more expensive than a pound of vegetables that were bought separately. That’s partly true. But, on the other hand, vegetables tend to turn very fast and you then throw them away. Fresh mixed greens are already prepared and you can eat them without any special preparation. Add a bit of spices and some olive oil and enjoy your salad. Mixes are consumed in a shorter period of time and you are less likely to want to discard them. Do not miss discounts on this kind of products. Buy smaller amounts but more often.

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