7 Tips Travellers Need to Protect Their Precious Jewelry

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7 Tips Travellers Need to Protect Their Precious Jewelry

If you have a precious bracelet or an exclusive pair of earrings that you adore and wear, you might find some of the following tips of great use while on a trip. The article below is written specially for those who are travelling with an engagement ring.

Making a plan
Having a plan before setting out is one of the most essential things every traveller should do. Travellers do the right thing if they buy their engagement ring a couple of weeks or at least a few days before the trip. They avoid possible trouble and make their life easier and less complicated. Find a ring that matches you by size and design. Find a proper way to pack the ring. The best place is a box with plenty of cushioning inside. Keep the box protected – wrap it in a piece of clothing and do not let the box jostle around inside the suitcase.

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