5 Things That Make Most Men Dislike Texting

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5 Things That Make Most Men Dislike Texting

Nowadays we text each other in order to inform about something that cannot wait. It has even become one of the worst habits for some people.

We have become too addicted to texting and forget that this way of communication might feel annoying to others. Here are a few reasons why some men dislike texting.

It is a distraction
Texting does distract us. It distracts both the person who is texting and the one who receives the message. We do not realize that, but that’s the real fact. Do not text your man if you know he might be at work. It may be annoying to receive a text during a business meeting or a lecture. The worst part of it is that, as a rule, out texting does not carry too much useful or important information. Let your partner do what he is supposed to do. Quit asking how he is, where he is or what he is doing and whether he has missed you.

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