7 Proofs That You Have Fallen in Love

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7 Proofs That You Have Fallen in Love

There are at least seven signs that prove that someone is in love. The difference between lust, passion and love exists and here what happens when you love someone.

You tolerate pain better
Pain is hard to ignore. Some people can tolerate it better than others. However, when you are in love with someone, then your tolerance is higher and you don’t feel pain. We are now talking about physical pain of course. How it happens has already been explained by scientists. As a matter of fact, when you love someone, your body produces special hormones that are responsible for your physical state. Your brain receives signals telling it how you are feeling. In most cases your response to pain will be lower and slightly delayed. Your mind is busy thinking about the person you are in love with hence you pay less attention to yourself. You are focused on someone else and you tend to think about yourself less. You ignore many things around you including pain and other physical states that would not go unnoticed if you were not in love.

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